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We understand how difficult losing our animal family members can be. A loss is a loss and grief is grief no matter who is lost, however the  supports for those who lose pets tends to be lower or in some cases completely misunderstood or minimised. We want to offer support to those who have an aging, ill, retired service or passed pet. If you would like to get support or find out more click here and get in touch. 


Pet assisted therapy is an alternative type of therapy which involves working with your pet of choice to learn the following

  • Self discovery and understanding
  • Learning and using coping skills
  • Stress or life management
  • Emotional regulation
  • Mindfulness

Animal assisted therapy has been used for years showing time and time again the benefit that animals have on our mental and physical health. People also often find their own pets give them a mental health boost. In saying all of this we do not believe in getting pets to feel better or that all pets can help mental health, so our focus is also on the pets wellbeing and comfortability. This is a major part of our ethos.

Our focus is on what we can learn about ourselves through learning about our pets. Building connection with our pet and ourselves and bring mindfulness into our lives. To find out more about PAT or to sign up click here or email karen directly on



This 4 week online meditation course will involve aspects of animal assisted psychotherapy, focus meditation, grounding exercises and breathe work. To get more information or to book click here and send us an enquiry form.

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