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We have a program specifically designed to tackle any anxiety issues that you may be facing to find out more contact Karen. Everyone experiences feeling of anxiety at different points in their life; before an exam or public speaking. However when your anxiety becomes debilitating to different aspects of your life and becomes irrational anxiety, repetitive thoughts or behaviours, or social avoidance then seeking support from therapy may help you. With the support from your therapist you can…

  • Discover where your anxiety is coming from
  • Create new strategies and techniques to combat your anxiety
  • Learn to use these techniques in the future
  • Learn how to prevent and cope with Panic Attacks
  • Reduce and manage stress, a major trigger for anxiety

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We can all have times when we feel down, but when that feeling doesn’t go away and starts to consume and negatively affect your daily life and thoughts, talking to someone to help get you through it can help. Having depression can leave the person feeling worthless, alone, isolated and out of control. Therapy can…

  • Give the individual hope
  • Discover the root cause of the depression
  • Learn how to stop automatic negative thoughts
  • Learn how feel fulfilled and happy in your life
  • Develop skills to use in the future
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  • Grief is such a unique experience. While some find comfort in speaking to those around them, others find speaking to a third party helpful. Attending therapy can help to understand and accept your stages of grief
  • Deal with any anger, conflict or unresolved emotions related to the grief
  • Learn to readjust to your life with the loss
  • Develop skills to cope with the emotions related to grief
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Have you ever felt that your level of confidence is stopping you from becoming the person you want to be? Low confidence and Self-esteem can create barriers in so many aspects of our lives, relationships, social, work. Working with a therapist can help you to…

  • Start living life to your full potential
  • Overcome barriers
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Learn to appreciate yourself
  • Learn gratitude and appreciation for yourself
  • Learn how to create, develop, start and achieve goals
  • Learn how to reduce thoughts that hold you back
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Are you going through a difficult period in your relationship? Have you recently had a relationship end? Do you feel you have unhealthy relationships in your life? Therapy can help…

  • Improve communication
  • Discover if you have healthy relationships
  • Learn techniques to improve overall relationships
  • Learn how to recognise and prevent issues in relationships
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Small amounts of balanced stress is good to thrive, motivate and achieve goals. However when this becomes unbalanced It can seriously debilitate an individual and can affect mental wellbeing. Attending therapy for stress can…

  • Identify the stressors in your life
  • Learn how to balance or eliminate these stressors
  • Develop skills to manage future stress
  • Learn skills to keep calm in times of stress
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Issues related to Food

Do you have a negative relationship with food? Do you over or under eat? Does food trigger guilt for you? Do you have issues with your physical appearance? Do you yoyo diet? Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder and are seeking therapy? Therapy can help with…

  • Discovering the root cause of your issues with food
  • Identify the triggers and thoughts behind your behaviour with food
  • Create healthy sustainable habits with food
  • Create techniques to use throughout your life to combat negative thoughts
  • Eliminate the word diet from your life and create a lifestyle

These are simply a guide of the common issues we deal with, if none of these relate to you but you feel you need counselling then please contact and we can discuss whether Sparrow Therapy and Wellness is right for you.

Now Offering Low Cost Counselling

We are delighted to now offer low cost counselling. Our low cost counselling service is provided through in training and pre-accredited therapists, who are under guidance and support. If you wish to avail of low cost counselling service please contact today. *

*Please note a number of services are not available through the Low Cost Counselling service*

*Low cost counselling service are provided ONLY by pre-accredited and training therapists.

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Services - Issues Covered